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You Can’t Own “Better Service”

Exceptional. Signature. Personalized. Customized.

Is any company’s service really any of these?

Maybe, at times.

Certainly not always.

Does this ‘brand promise’ ever set anyone apart from the competition?


It’s slogan noise.

For service providers, like accountants, lawyers, contractors, financial planners, brokers, ‘better’ service is expected. It’s table-stakes. Customers EXPECT this.

Demand it.

So why do companies continue to promote their service as a competitive advantage? Because providing a service is what they do. They know people want a better experience. But providers are unable to articulate that beyond ‘the best service’. It’s easy to do what everyone else does. It’s safe. You might think, “If ABC company, who is (bigger, more established, more successful) is talking about their service, then I need to, too.” And you’d be wrong.

Problem is, when everyone is saying something, no one is. You become just like everyone else. Your brand does not standout. Just the opposite, you get lost in the shuffle. Delivering great service is expected. It can make or break a customer relationship.

Just don’t try to own it, because no one believes it. Instead, find a way to differentiate based on a process, or piece of expertise. Something that you can claim as your own. Just not your ‘service’. Use this as your anchor. And watch your conversations change.

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