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Need help growing beyond referrals?

01 | Timing the customer

Driven by short-term sales urgency and lack of strategy, most marketing is aimed at the 10% of the market who are ready to “buy now”. This ignores the 90% of the market and wastes marketing dollars.

Think about it. How often do you need a new <service professional>? How often do you immediately respond to an ad for <service professional>? Exactly. It’s a long game.

02 | Boring brand messaging

Most service firms use the same “trust, transparency, expertise” themes. Nothing is distinctive. Nothing is memorable. And it does nothing to build a brand.

03 | Lack of strategy

Most firms are not intentional around growth. Questions like, “Who are our ideal customers? How will we compete for their business? How do we present our services in a distinctive way?” are not answered.

A Brand Marketing System for Service Professionals

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